The Beginning

New Jersey born FrankMizzy was first introduced to hip-hop by his older brother at an early age. They began working on their own songs and eventually it became evident that Mizzy had a unique talent for music. It was at that time when his brother gave him the name, FrankMic. From that point forward Frank was unable to deny his passion for music and he continued to dedicate his time to perfecting the craft. Eventually, he became more serious and acquired the help of his three best friends to form a group that would set the stage for the future.

Diverse Elegance

Mizzy and his crew were literally rapping into a karaoke machine that required them to hold the record button down the entire time. The group would freestyle with each other and really were just having fun entertaining themselves. These were very humbling times, but being able to persevere through adversity is something FrankMizzy has become accustomed to. As the years went on the crew started to create a local buzz by putting together mixtapes and working with local artists. Eventually this turned into receiving national and world-wide recognition for their talents. They put together their own college tours, threw their own shows and were even nominated as the group of the year at both the Underground Music Awards and Indie Elite Music Awards. They were featured in Billboard’s Artist Spotlight as well as other prestigious publications. Their last project, Almost Famous, was distributed through Interscope Digital and is available on iTunes.


Despite his devotion to being an artist, FrankMizzy is also a very savvy business man. During his college career he met his current business partner and friend, DJ The two connected through a mutual colleague and since the day they met it’s been a shared dream to see how far they can take their musical passion. As a result, they formed Capital Grind Entertainment LLC as a more professional backing to their careers. They began with a mixtape series for that was used as a promotional tool for the company. Eventually they turned that into hosting their own events which included live shows and college tours.

The Future

Well…that’s still to be written.  Besides, that’s why you’re here and reading this right?  Two things that are certain are, there is great music to come and one amazing story to tell!



Capital Grind Entertainment, LLC is the home company for Frank Mizzy, founded by Frank Mizzy (President) and Vice President, DJ  The company was founded in 2007.

Capital Grind Ent, LLC (better known as CGE) :