Happy Anniversary

It’s time to celebrate!
It has been one year since I launched the new and improved website!  Boy, oh boy…does time fly!
It’s safe to say that it has been an amazing year.  Of course there are always lessons learned and mistakes made but I couldn’t be happier with the progress that we’ve made.  A ton of new music has been exclusively published to the website. The FrankMizzy.com members have been amazing, standing by me and showing their support as we began building this thing from the ground up.
We’ve definitely broken new ground and there is plenty of new and exciting things to come!  So…you may be wondering what’s coming in year #2.  Well, I always keep a few tricks up my sleeve but you can definitely expect more original music and dope remixes.  There will be many more behind the scenes visuals released this year.  I’m going to continue to push forward with the publishing deal and hopefully this upcoming year will be an even bigger win for the Frank Mizzy team.
I may even be releasing a dope little project just for you!  And if I do…you know I’ll be hitting the stage to bring the music to life.  With my recent connects, the buzz will only get bigger and louder!!
So, once again, Happy Anniversary!!  You’ve made all the hard work so worth it.  In a year we laid the foundation for the new FrankMizzy.com…now it’s time we hit the ground running.
– Frank Mizzy

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