Maybe Everything

Maybe this…Maybe that…
Maybe fast…Maybe slow…
Maybe stay…Maybe go…
Maybe yes…Maybe no…

Those are a lot of maybes right? Well that word pretty much summed up how I was feeling when I wrote this song. Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the uncertainty that surrounds me. Whenever these types of feelings consume me, I do my best to express them musically. I know I’m not alone when it comes to feeling a little uneasy about what the future holds. Maybe there’s something in your life that is leaving you second guessing.

“My new habit, never stay at an ease
Different setup but I think this new layout has seized
Something weak or something blind and I ain’t made out of these
The only way out I sees, but that may not appease”

There are always going to be barriers that stand in between you and where you’re trying to go. Maybe it’s people…maybe its circumstances. You can’t control these things but you CAN control how you decide to react. I’ve decided that keep moving forward. What about you? Those that don’t know their own strength may allow circumstances to discourage them. The sad truth is that not everyone will want to see you succeed and that’s exactly why you can’t focus on making everyone happy.

“Eating but it ain’t a cure, Enter but there ain’t a door
Still we find a way, you can’t discover what you ain’t explore”

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