QUIT? I can’t believe you’re thinking about quitting!!

This was the immediate response I received from a close friend after opening up to them. They then proceeded to tell me how that was the dumbest idea and list all the reasons that were supposed to change my mind. I mean, at the end of the day, I knew they were right. But I’m human and in being human, sometimes the most attractive option is the easy way out. I guess we get down on ourselves from time to time. Maybe we forget why we do what we do…

I’ve been through so much bulls*** in music it’s sickening. This business is so shady! People love to claim to be something they’re not. People rarely have your best interest in mind and won’t think twice about simply using you for their benefit. If you can’t AFFORD to be star on the commercial level, then in most cases you won’t be. I’m speaking from experience. The business, the game itself made me wants to quit. The negativity wasn’t for me. That’s not why I fell in love with music. It was type for me to take a step back, analyze all that I had accomplished, and decide how I wanted to move forward.

The decision became clear at that point. I wanted to simply make music and share my story directly with my fans and supporters. Side bar…I tend to use the word supporters a lot. It truly describes those that follow my music because I honestly lean on each and every one of you for support. If you weren’t here, feeding me the energy I need, I don’t know if I would be able to do what I do. You literally support my music and allow it to be created. But back to my main thought; this website was designed to allow me to give my music directly to those that want it. This is a place where we can interact, where we can grow, where you can see a completely new side of me.

How could I quit now?? I’m about to deliver the best music I’ve ever created to a group of people that couldn’t deserve it more.

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