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What’s up…what’s up!

I have extremely exciting news! Are you ready? Wait for it…here it comes!!

I just signed a PUBLISHING DEAL!!

I couldn’t be more thrilled about taking this huge step in my career. I recently connected with HD Music Now; a L.A. based publishing company that showed a lot of interest in my material. After many discussions, we were able to come to an agreement in regards to one of my original, unreleased tracks. During my trip to California a few weeks ago I was able to sit down with the CEO of the company, talk about our goals, the process, and review some music. We feel that by working together we’ll be able to take advantage of various opportunities and create a mutually beneficial business relationship.

The goal of the deal is to begin to get major placements for my original music. We’re talking movies, TV shows, commercials, video games! Below are just a few of the projects that HD Music Now has recently had placements on:

Lionsgate Movies – The Age of Adaline – Movie Trailer
Warner Bros. Pictures – Mad Max: Fury Road – Movie Trailer
Lionsgate Movies – Addicted – Movie Trailer
Activision – Call of Duty: Blacksmith – Trailer
HBO – True Blood

God willing, with hard work I’m hoping I will be able to get my music featured on a great project like the ones listed above.

As always…thanks for your support!!!


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