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Let’s take a second a talk about commitment.  What does the word commitment mean to you?  I think we all can agree it means something like, being loyal to and sticking with whatever you are a part of.  I can also say that this whole being committed thing isn’t easy all the time.  I guess the trick is, being truly in love with and passionate about whatever it is you’re involved in.

Looking back over the years, my music has always been one of the things I’ve remained committed to.  I’ve remembered to stay true to the actual art of making music…and the ultimate message behind it.  I’ve consciously stayed committed to having a handle on my image and how I’m perceived by those I may never meet.  These are good things right?  Things one should be proud, correct?  But hey, this IS entertainment.  This is a business.  So I’ve also been committed to trying to “get in the game.”  I’ve been committed to seeking validation and for the moment when someone of power would tell me I’m good enough.  Really, I’ve been committed to the thought of being given an opportunity.

THAT HAS ALL CHANGED NOW.  I’ve decided to be committed to the one thing that truly matters; the one consistent presence in my life that has never failed me.  I’m going to give my commitment to those that are and always have been committed to me…my fans.  My friends, my supporters, my listeners, whatever you want to call it.  That’s why I created this website…for you.  I want to share all I have with you, let you be a part of the process, and be the first to receive the finished product.  So why waste any more time?  Jump right in and experience the difference.

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