My Song Won’t Work For TV/films…

Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth!

As you may know, I’ve been working hard on networking and building my catalog of original music to land placements. It would be a huge accomplishment for me as a writer to have my music featured in a movie or in a video game. What musician or artist wouldn’t love this right? But something like this doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work…persistence…and education.

I’ve spoken with other independent artists that have found success doing just this. I learned strategies that have worked for them and ones that I should avoid. Clearly it all begins with the type of music you create. Making music for me to perform and making music that will be used in a TV show can be two, completely different things.

I came across this article and it drove this very idea home.

Many people would describe me as a lyrical rapper. This is great for my fans that enjoy substance in their music and very descriptive lyrics. But does this type of music lend itself well to licensing deals? The answer is not always. I don’t want my music that is being pitched for placements to be overly lyrical, to the point where I actually “rap” myself right out of an opportunity. But luckily I’ve taken the time to educate myself to how this business works and try to always put my music in a position for it to be successful.

So for all the artists and writers out there, make sure you read the above article. Make sure you know the real purpose for your music, that way it is created specifically for that purpose. By doing so you’ll put yourself in a position to WIN!


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  • Alojamiento

    Reply Reply June 8, 2016

    For example, say you’ve got a great song about heartbreak. Awesome, there are lots of film scenes that could use an emotional heartbreak song. But if your opening line is “She left me on a Monday” well suddenly your song only works for shows where the breakup actually occurred on a Monday.

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